"But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us."
2nd Corinthians 4:3-7

Whores, Homos and Hindus

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

As we wind down the sands of time, the final conflict between good and evil is about to take place. This war is between the pureness and goodness of the nature of the Lord’s creation versus the defiled and perverted nature of Satan’s creation: Truth versus Lies. God’s Kingdom, which we do not physically see right now, has a foundation of Truth in the person of Jesus Christ. Satan’s kingdom, which is really all we physically see now, has a foundation based on lies.

“It’s Just the Way It Is”

The most important part of becoming a new creature in Christ is
BELIEF. God tells us that if we believe in Him (Jesus Christ) we will be saved. The problem is…what else do we believe in? Everything about life on Earth is skewed. Essentially, it is Satanic. All of our lives we have been told how things operate and this is “just the way it is”. Guess what? It’s not “just the way it is”. In fact, things are not what they really seem to be. Why? Because it is all a lie! According to Jesus, Satan is the god of this world. The Bible says that Satan offered to Jesus all the kingdoms of this world for him to rule. Satan had authority to do this because authority over the world had been betrayed to him (Luke 4:6). Jesus did not refute that and what he said next is very important “Get behind me Satan: for it is written, ‘you shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve’”. As Christians this is how we must walk. We must have nothing of this world in front of us. All we should see is Christ and then we will really experience the Kingdom of God. Jesus says it best when he says in John 14:30: “the prince of this world has nothing in me”. We must have no faith (belief) in the things of this world. Why should we serve this world in any way when it is God only that we should serve – not the world, not any man’s will, and most importantly not our own will? But because we worship and serve the things of this world we are by default left to believe in the things of this world. We believe in the political/legal system. We believe in the religious system, the education system and the financial system. Many times we kid ourselves and think that we don’t care about this world and the things in this world but we really do rely on them instead of relying on the Lord. The proof of this is shown when you experience losing a house or a job. The reason we go through so much anxiety at a time like that is because the thing has a grip on our very soul. We care about it! Even going through a trying sickness will have a person stressed about dying. But if we really have our souls anchored in the Rock of Salvation then there really is nothing to fear. Even our very lives on this earth are temporary let alone material possessions. We must totally detach from every yoke of bondage that the world wraps around our minds. These yokes are all empowered by the deception of this world spoken to us by the father of lies and his minions. This entire world lies in wickedness (pun intended). It is all a lie! None of these things are real because they are not of the Kingdom of God the Father. I repeat – none of these things are real! But yet we believe in them. We believe that this is all real because we’ve been told by the ever elusive “them” that this is “just the way it is”. Life on earth as we know it has been altered from its original conception and has been morphed into a gigantic fantasy all designed to steal, kill and destroy humans and at a minimal to keep us captive naturally and spiritual by supernatural powers of darkness and evil. The captivity in the natural, seeing realm is empowered primarily through the financial system. We’ve been brainwashed into believing that we’re supposed buy a house (debt), buy some cars (more debt), take out 2nd mortgages so that we can have even more stuff (even more debt). The list goes on. The captivity of the natural realm (Egypt) that has had us bound is bad but what is worse is the captivity of the spiritual realm (Babylon). This bondage is typified by the King of Sodom telling Abram to “give me the people (souls) and I’ll give you physical goods” (Genesis 14:21). This is where the destruction of the human soul is most effective and widespread. Primary is the destruction that is done spiritually to the human soul and there is an outward manifestation of this damage being shown forth and growing rapidly more apparent. The problem is that people are caught in it do not even realize it is happening to them and what is worse, they consider themselves normal. In fact, to them I’ll be the weirdo for telling this…The key to overcoming the bondage is to overcome the fear of death (Hebrews 2:9-15). In fact, a person in their right mind would not want to live in this wicked world. Are you ready to meet your maker?

The Pyramid of Hell

The recent 2009 Academy Awards showed us a very telling sign of the way things are spiritually in our global culture today. This sign is being seen outwardly (flesh) in the natural realm and inwardly (spirit) in the collective soul of humanity. First keep in mind that what we are dealing with in Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole is idolatry and worship. This idolatry and worship is being divined on people through witchcraft and sorcery. After all, a movie or TV show is what is known as a “medium” (the plural is “media”). The essence of this word indicates something that is in the middle, a go-between or an intermediary. A few other definitions include: “a means of effecting or conveying something”; “a substance regarded as the means of transmission of a force or effect”. We have been put into hypnotic trances thousands of times by becoming enthralled with Hollywood “stars” and the fantasies they project through the screen. These imaginations intrude into our souls through our minds and keep us seeking after a life of fantasy. Then they lie even more by saying that “hey, it’s just a form of relaxation” or they’ll qualify it as an “escape”. Sadly, the reason we “escape” into fantasy is because we don’t really want to deal with the hell that is this life on this corrupted in infected planet so we escape into a temporary fantasy to soothe our troubled souls. How pitiful this really is.

So what about the Oscars of 2009? In Hollywood, the three most notable awards ascend in order from Best Actress, Best Actor and at the top is the Best Picture. This year, the Best Actress awards were introduced by past winners such as Nicole Kidman, Shirley MacLaine and Halle Berry. They each made pretentious boasts about the current nominees which amounts to nothing more than flattery and incantations. Sadly, the truth is what we see here are older whores passing the mantle to other newer whores. These women have portrayed whores in their movies and have been rewarded for it. You may say that Shirley MacLaine has never done a sex scene in her movies – but I can tell you with complete certainty that even if they hadn’t projected a pornographic scene in a movie their real lives fit that bill to a tee. The men followed suit for Best Actor with a similar parade of proud boasts phony accolades. As a side note, one of the nominated actors – Mickey Rourke – is in deep spiritual trouble. Having seen him recently talk about the skid that his life took he has since been taken into a deep soul tie with his old Chihuahua dog. This dog is essentially now his “soul mate”. Rourke has taken on the spirit of this dog and it shows even in his face which now carries the characteristic traits of shaking and twitching which is common in this breed. Anyway, back to this pyramid…The Best Actor award went to Sean Penn for his portrayal of a homosexual activist.

So what we have at the base of this pyramid is whores and homosexuals. The pinnacle of the awards is the Best Movie. This is the top of the pyramid. This year the award went to an Indian movie. This may seem innocuous, but there is more to this than meets the eye (pun intended). And it is no wonder that the award was presented by modern day wizard Steven Spielberg, who is a major force behind “Bollywood” which is a moniker given to the largest film production enterprise in India (based in Mumbai which is formerly Bombay). Similar to how America has been invaded spiritually by the influx of aliens from Mexico (Roman Catholicism), the Middle East (Muslims), and Asia (Buddhists and Hindus), this picture is that of sowing a seed of corrupt spiritualism. It is very subtle but it is high level sorcery and is nothing less than a demonic invasion into human souls. People, especially those that have been raised on a foundation of Christianity (no matter what denomination) are having that foundation eroded away – and Christians are the predominant target. After all, this is an insane devil’s master plan – to eradicate and replace Christ. The reason this is being done so effectively is because Christians are not disciplined. We have a tendency to become complacent even in our walk with the Lord. Through the years, there has not been a sense of urgency and a serious longing for the return of our Lord largely because we have been resting on the laurel of the blessings God has bestowed upon America which has been spread across the globe in the form of capitalism and democracy. The nation that forgets God is turned into hell. Now is the time for that to change. I’m not talking about a revitalized America that will rise up after a great fall. That is going to happen but it will still be a part of the satanic kingdom as prophesied in the Bible. What matters is the people repenting and forsaking everything about this life including America and the culture. The urgency becomes apparent when we really see what it is that we are being saved from through the poured out blood of Jesus Christ. We truly are being saved from being turned into sodomites. Satan’s main goal is to so pervert and twist God’s good creation that the result of this mutation will be a man being turned effeminate and weak and essentially being turned into the opposite of what he was created by God to be. A woman will likewise be turned masculine and domineering essentially being turned into a man. Many times this transformation becomes obvious in physical appearances. Men act like women, have no manly attributes and women become butch-like in their appearances with short hair and will even grow facial hair.

Pyramid Power

And upon her forehead (a type of Hindu third eye) was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS (whores) AND ABOMINATIONS (homosexuals) OF THE EARTH.
Revelation 17:5

So in this picture, the movie being the oracle or the thing that we see with our eyes that becomes a gateway to our soul transmits a spirit of witchcraft that casts spells and divines the purposes of Satan which is the control and destruction of humans. Satan’s idea of complete success would be to create a race of androgynous humans and to allow the race to continue reproducing artificially. This is why we see so much artificial insemination and cloning. There is a plan afoot to wipe out billions of people in order to more effectively manipulate and control the human race. According to the Bible, it is the religious whore that sits atop the governmental beast and thus really rules the roost instead of how we are lead to believe that it is the governmental authority that rules. This is all about spiritual powers. So in the devil’s schematic, perverted men and women are being divined on to accept homosexuality through a religious spirit. The pyramid is a reflection of the inner human sanctuary. Inside of the pyramid is an idol. Actually, there can be multitudes of idols but the primary idol is self which is what the Bible calls “the image of the beast”. The beast is self love.

There is a spiritual marriage taking place which is consummated in the form of a perverted spiritual union. This is why homosexuals are so adamant about having the right to “marriage”. Why are they so forceful about being able to marry? Isn’t it enough to be joined in a civil union? There are provisions made for spousal benefits in a civil union but why do they insist on being married? It is because marriage is ordained by God Almighty to be between a man and a woman. This is the very nature of God’s creation and the perverse spirit ruling the homosexual community must by their perverted nature come against all that is God. This gives more meaning to Matthew 24:38-39For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”.

God’s pyramid has a normal man and a normal woman joined together in natural affection and a normal marriage union which is designed for procreation of the same kind. So at the base of God’s pyramid, which too is spiritual, are a man and a woman typified by Adam and Eve before they fell. This is also seen in totality as the Body of Christ (Ephesians 5:22-33). As man and woman submit to the proper headship and nature of God through Jesus we can then enter into a holy communion with God. Here we will find the Holy of Holies as we keep our eye singly focused on Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God which is proper headship and authority at the top of this pyramid. This is accomplished as we stay focused on heavenly things and not temporal things. As we lift up the Lord Almighty with praise and worship the inside of our temple (also a pyramid) will be housed only by the image of Christ – the Ark of the Covenant. The end result is a transformed human being made complete and restored wholly to our original intended state as children of God our Father and thus we are welcomed into His presence.